A refreshing sound with hints of classic entertainment and a few clever threads of character that hold everything together. This album manages to be conceptually heavy at the same time as being delightfully carefree. . . Well worth a listen.”

Stereo Stickman

'Old News' by Moose is . . . comedic yet historically accurate . . . very experimental. . . . so interesting and different and you really need to hear it.”

Hot Lunch Music

Daring in its experimentation, and distinct, very distinct. . . Moose has something special . . . 'As Advertised' . . . carves its own musical path forward, with an unorthodox lyricism . . . a unique treat.”

Gas Mask Magazine

This fast paced thriller is unlike any love song you'll ever hear. . . shows us just how big his imagination can be through this awesome electronic arrangement”

Stitched Sound

Intriguing. . . piqued our interest.”

I Heart Noise

A funky, fun retro vibe with a serious side . . . although Moose uses a lighthearted approach in his delivery, there is a lot of heart at the heart of the tune.”

Static Dive

Play the video; it's very good.”

Roosevelt Islander

A stroll with jazzy electro accents . . . words that tell us the world in all its delirium, all its madness . . . soft and groovy funky melody . . . beautiful little energy.”

B Aware

Nicely made psychedelic riffs by Moose. . . check out As Advertised”

Rock Era Magazine

Check out the anti-pop sound of Music By Moose. This one 'Emergency Contact' fits right in during the current state of affairs.”

Indie Band Guru

Funky disco tune to ease COVID-19 angst . . . intensely contemporary lyrics . . . increasingly pertinent.”


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