Moose's fun and romantic pop sound, by turns danceable, silly, and heartfelt, is inspired by his relationship with his wife of 12 years. He started making pop tunes as Valentine’s Day presents for her, and it got out of hand. She's gonna get herself into real trouble one of these days to make sure he’s ready to deliver on all his promises from the songs. She gave him the pet name Moose, which is an upgrade from “Moo.” He figures a musician can be named “Seal,” so Moose should be okay.

Moose’s tracks are filled with sweet, funny lyrics, jazzy keyboard, guitar, & synths, and funky beats, with a cinematic backdrop of sound effects, movie quotes, and accompanying video montages that bring the words to life. He'll have you bopping your head and giggling at first listen, and he delivers the love, depth, and complexity to bring you back for another warm run through all the parts that make you smile. Moose was rejected from all the top music schools for jazz piano when he was 18, he picked up guitar in high school because all his friends were doing it, and the upright bass was a present from his wife for his 37th birthday. Moose counts as his influences soul artists, among them Stevie Wonder and Bill Withers, folk singer-songwriters such as Paul Simon and Suzanne Vega, and rock bands with a sense of humor including Talking Heads and They Might Be Giants.

When he isn't making music or spending time with his wife, Moose is busy at his day job as a quant on Wall Street or working on his second doctorate in Electrical Engineering (the first is in Economics). This latest music project, started in late 2018, has been a way for him to procrastinate on writing his dissertation. Moose has been vegan since 1997, which his wife finds to be extremely annoying. He enjoys guacamole and makes a killer pesto. There's been a lot of music lately, so his wife will probably get something different this Valentine's Day.