Debut Pop/Rock EP Album "As Advertised" is out now!

One More Video COming Thursday!

Thu 5/28 - Old News

As Advertised isΒ the debut EP by Moose. The seven pop/rock/synth tracks weave together fun, silly, and heartfelt lyrics, artful music, sound effects and samples from popular culture, and accompanying video montages to tell stories of love, commitment, and longing in the vocabularies of seven different slivers of the media landscape.

Emergency Contact's hard-charging synth funk will keep you holding on all the way through the ambulance ride.

A Fine Specimen is a techno-disco music video nature documentary montage about desire and animal instincts, with erudite commentary samples, will hold your attention through the rest of Biology class. The song ends with a snarky aside from Moose's wife.

The pursuit continues through Meet Cute, a synth pop love letter to the romantic comedy genre, complete with audio and video clips from all your favorite chick flicks.

The synth electropop torch tune IRL tells a tale of digital longing and being on hold, with an accompanying video montage on the theme of robotics, automation, and sadness in the electronic age.

Old News offers a word of warning in the form of a slow geopolitical blues trip through the history of downfall and scandal as presented in radio and TV journalism. Features double bass, electric keyboard, slide guitar, and a montage of historical audio and video news clips.

Dim the lights for As Advertised, a slow dance pop/rock ode to the durability of love told through the language of marketing. Features soulful interplay between keyboard and electric guitar and a video montage of billboards and old TV commercials.

The set concludes with I Got Your Six, a darkwave synth pop espionage thriller about the secret lives my wife and I lead as international double agents and the secret code of commitment held by covert operatives in love (Shhh!). Accompanied by a montage of action movie audio samples and spy-themed cartoon video clips.